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As described in our ABOUT section, Wales is amazing, and Welsh Adventure Racing is staging the WAR24 as the kickoff for your adventure racing smorgasbord. 

The goal is to stage 24hr+ races annually, based out of

Denbigh, enabling you to discover the hidden gems of

the dragon country. 

The WAR24 is the introduction to the region, based

within striking distance of the town but venturing

nonetheless as far as Conwy county, and into some

epic countryside. Don't, however, underestimate the

size of the challenge. This will be a linear race, not

a rogaine/score event, and not all teams will be able

to cover the distance in the required time. 

DATES: 19 - 21 October 2018

LOCATION: Denbigh, Denbighshire, North Wales

This does not mean newbies can't enter. When the going gets too tough, the course has been designed so that teams can cut corners without losing out on the experience entirely. Naturally, teams that complete the full course will be ranked ahead of those who drop checkpoints. The goal is for everyone to come away exhausted but elated, and raring to go for the next one!

Registration is here.


The plan is to follow WAR24 with a WAR50 in June 2019, both as a stepping stone to longer racing, and also as training for those teams participating in the ITERA Scotland 2019

This will be a much tougher prospect, venturing into some tricky terrain, and should not be tackled by newbies, at least not without being captained by a properly-experienced racer. In fact, Mountain Rescue thought it inconceivable that anyone could cover so much terrain in such a short space of time, but then, they don't know serious adventure racers!

Keep June 2019 marked in your diary. Exact dates to follow in due course. 

Denbigh Castle
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