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Mountain Biking

120km of trails, fire roads, tarmac, bridle ways. Nothing too technical, but remember that Wales is not flat, so you'll need those granny gears. Not too much in the way of hike-a-bike. Multiple stages. A reasonable bike will suffice. Dual susser not required. 

Trail Running

Mostly off road, trails, bridle ways, paths, but also plenty of untracked route, with not necessarily much in the way of features to navigate from. You'll need to be able to navigate by dead reckoning for some sections. Multiple stages.  Trail shoes, and not waterproof. There are boggy bits...


Abseil and ascending (jumaring) but don't worry, we can supply the latter. You should practice the technique, if you don't want to slow yourself down. 


It should be interesting, and you'll see some bats. The section doesn't include tight squeezes, for those who are claustrophobic. 


Essential element of all adventure races, and you should be able to follow a bearing. When it's cold, the middle of the night, possibly misty, there's no point in trying to look for features if you can't see them, or they don't exist. Not all sections will be that tough, of course, but be prepared. There will also be a short orienteering score stage. 

The Roman Road
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