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Terms and Conditions


Adventure is a sport that brings an element of risk. By agreeing to participate in our events, you accept and take personal responsibility for your safety and actions. You therefore absolve Welsh Adventure Racing* and its agents from all injury and incapacitation, howsoever caused, and do not hold Welsh Adventure Racing or any of its agents responsible for any damage or injury sustained to you or your property during the event.

By booking an event, you are declaring yourself to be at an appropriate level of fitness for that event, covering all relevant disciplines, and that you have notified the race organisers of any pre-existing medical condition and medications that might be relevant for your health during the event, to the best of your knowledge. 

Cancellations and Refunds

Each event will have its own refund policy. Please consult those details for the specifics of any refunds, or transfers of entry to replacement competitors. Be aware that you are not permitted to transfer your entry to another competitor without the explicit written consent of Welsh Adventure Racing. This is for your own health and safety. 

This page is no guarantee that Welsh Adventure Racing will be able to provide a refund in the event of unforeseen circumstances, for example, last-minute injury or family tragedy. 

Race Rules

Our events are governed by specific rules, which will be covered by the consent form signed before participation in our events. Please consult the event webpages for such information. 

Photos and Video

During our events, we might have photographers and videographers capturing your performance in all its glory. By participation, you consent to the use of these images and videos for the purposes of marketing and advertising online, at events, and in print media, by Welsh Adventure Racing and its sponsors. 


By competing in our events, you may be required to use equipment that belongs, or has been hired by, Welsh Adventure Racing. This might include, but is not limited to, ropes and climbing equipment, kayaks, canoes, PFDs, and GPS trackers. You agree to take reasonable care with the equipment, and will be held responsible for neglect that leads to damage to the equipment, and this includes replacement costs of the damaged equipment. 

In the case of GPS trackers or electronic dibbers (eg SI cards), you have the responsibility to return these to Welsh Adventure Racing before departing after the event, and will be required to replace lost or damaged equipment. This includes items you return to us by post that might go missing. 

* Welsh Adventure Racing is the trading name of W. Adventure Racing Ltd. (company number 11336930).

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