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  1. WAR24 is not an ARWS series event, but nonetheless likes the logic of the ARWS rule book. As such, WAR24 has no hesitation in adopting the stipulations thereof, with the addition of the details given below. 

  2. Where there is contradiction between the ARWS rule book and the rules given below, those of WAR24 take precedence. 

  3. The Race Director's decision is final.

  4. If retiring, the race HQ must be informed immediately. Driving home without our knowledge of your whereabouts is tantamount to treason, not least because it could lead to rescue operations being mounted while you sit at home blissfully unaware. Do not do it! 

  5. As a linear race, all checkpoints (CPs) must be collected in numeric order. 

  6. The first team to cross the finish line with all CPs recorded will be recognised as the winners, followed by other teams who likewise collect all CPs, as they arrive.

  7. A team that drops any CPs will always be ranked behind those completing the full course, regardless of time taken.

  8. Rankings will be in order of completion, regardless of gender of team composition. All-male and all-female teams will be ranked in the same category as mixed teams. WAR thinks it's time for change. 

  9. Teams will be ranked in order of arrival regardless of team size. There is no distinction between 2, 3, or 4-member teams.

  10. CPs must be collected as per CP description in the guide book - some require a code to be written down, others purely by photograph taken of the control, as well as all team members in the picture. Take more than one picture if necessary. 

  11. Lost trackers will be charged for, at a cost of £150 each. 

  12. Trackers that are returned late to the race organisers will be charged at £3 per day. Don't take them home with you :)

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