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The race base is at Open Door Adventure in Bont Newydd, just outside Denbigh itself.

There are two choices for on-site accommodation:

  • Bunkhouse-style (55 people max)
    - £35pp per night (no meals)

  • Camping (including camper vans etc)
    - £7.50pp per night (no meals)

Meals are available as follows:

  • Breakfast £5

  • Lunch £5

  • Supper £10 BBQ



We'll be supplying the details on how to book your accommodation shortly. 

You can find accommodation off-site if you prefer, as there are other caravan and camping spots in the area, and Denbigh has a number of BnB's. We prefer you to stay on-site, of course, as it will be far more festive, less stressful, and easier to collapse on the spot after the race, rather than having to pack it all up. 

Also, some of you might want to stay an extra night (Sunday) if you have a hellish journey home, as we don't advise driving for endless hours straight after completing a race on zero sleep. Of course, the choice is yours. :)


Bunkhouse options

You can see the floorplan of the rooms here: 

The rooms vary in size

  • 1 x single

  • 1 x 3 bed (single + a bunk)

  • 1 x 4 bed (2 singles + a bunk)

  • 6 x larger (6 - 9 people, in a mix of bunks/beds)

If you want a room solely for your team, leaving empty beds, there will be an additional cost per person involved. Please contact us for such requests. 

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