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WAR24 is Postponed

OK, here's the update. The WAR24 is postponed. One might ask whether it's been cancelled, but I hope not. There has been too much time and effort invested to simply throw it all away, plus it would be a pretty exciting course to race, IMHO.

When will it be restaged?

That depends on many factors, including clashes with other races, whether it will be a tough winter etc. A lot of unknowns at this stage.

This is also likely to have an impact on our June 2019 race. The WAR24 was designed as rehearsal for that larger event (50-72hrs), and it might be foolish for us to attempt that event without first doing this one. Plus no doubt you'll be skeptical now...

We're sorry if you've stated your intention to race. Since the last post, there have been no further entries on the website, so it's really out of our hands.

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