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The Adventure Begins!

Welsh Adventure Racing has gotten off the starting blocks,

and like any jump into the unknown, it's a little daunting. In the small world of adventure racing, despite it being a truly global sport, raising one's head above the parapet is easily noticed, and no-one wants to fail. Well, not in public, right? :)

Moreover, AR is infamous for being unprofitable. Race Directors repeatedly claim to be 'doing it for the love', and while that's commendable, it hardly makes sense if you are trying to avoid burning the candle at both ends.

We'll see how it goes. This isn't just about a race, or a few events a year. WAR wants to see the sport grow in the schools, as a way of encouraging young people to develop independence, resourcefulness, a spirit of cooperation, grit, and valuable outdoor skills. Having more racers on the start line in their adulthood would just be a bonus!

Here's raising a cup to you for dropping in, and hoping you'll join us for the ride!


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