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Route Scouting & Multiple Races - ?

Been out scouting the route, checking for crafty CP locations, testing timings, and generally moving things along.

Had a think en route, and it seems possible to run a shorter race in parallel, for supporters/families/partners to sample the adventure, without having to commit to the suffering of the main event.

Does this sound attractive? Probably in the 6-8hr range.

The question is whether it starts with the main event (i.e. Saturday morning), in which case it will finish on Saturday, or starts early Sunday morning, in order to finish roughly at the same time as the main event.

The latter would be more festive, but it makes for a longer day on Sunday, as presumably short-course competitors wouldn't be too keen to start at sparrow's fart, easily 6am - or would they?

Leave your preference in the comments, please!


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